ER Veterinarian

Job Title: ER Veterinarian
Department: Clinical Team
Reports To: CEO/Hospital Administrator
FLSA Status: Exempt


Position Summary:
The primary objective of the Emergency Veterinarian (ER) is to maintain an efficient work flow, provide excellent care to our patients and clients, all while depicting the highest standard of professionalism, leadership, and compassion consistent with the goals and values of United Veterinary Specialty and Emergency.
United Veterinary is comprised of three 24-hour state-of-the-art specialty and emergency critical care centers (Mountain View, San Jose and Campbell) in the Silicon Valley, CA.  Our upgraded and modern hospitals maintain cutting edge equipment and a talented support staff. Case management often entails collaboration with our specialists in Surgery, Cardiology, Feline Medicine, and Dentistry with experienced emergency doctors able to manage patient care around the clock.  We provide our doctors with the technology and team needed to provide optimal care for our patients.  We are VECCS Level II certified facility with ultrasound, CT and endoscopy.

At United we take pride in providing the best experience possible to all of our patients and clients. We are fortunate to work with a community of caring, intelligent, and dedicated clientele that allow us to deliver optimal patient care.  We work closely with our referring veterinary community to build trust and fruitful relationships. We believe hiring doctors with diverse perspectives, ideas, and cultures, permits us to deliver to the highest quality of care for our clients. If you would like some more information about us, please check us out at


We are looking for candidates that:

⦁ Possesses excellent communication skills with clients, staff, and referring vets
⦁ Maintain a positive and friendly attitude
⦁ Emphasize teamwork
⦁ Offers suggestions and encouragement
⦁ Values their support staff and encourages further growth
⦁ Works to build consensus
⦁ Enjoys a challenging and diverse caseload
⦁ Demonstrates empathy and compassion
⦁ Experience performing surgical procedures on an as needed basis including, but not limited to, ovariohysterectomy, orchiectomy/castration, tumor/mass removal, and abdominal surgery, and hernia repair.
⦁ Knowledge and skills performing dental procedures highly valued.
⦁ If you love animals and are committed to providing high-quality care, we would welcome you to our dedicated team.


⦁ Must have a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from an AVMA accredited veterinary school
⦁ Be licensed to practice in California
⦁ Minimum 2-4 years of veterinary experience in a high-quality emergency and multi-specialty practice with exemplary clinical practice displayed.
⦁ Must have a CA DEA License
⦁ Preferred Board-Certified Surgeon, DACVS
⦁ Preferred Doctor of Internal Medicine, DACVIM

⦁ Medical, Dental and Vision Coverage
⦁ Life and Long-Term Disability Insurance
⦁ 401(k) retirement savings plan
⦁ Vacation and Sick Time
⦁ Continuing Education allowance

Customer Service Representative (CSR)

Job Title: Customer Service Representative (CSR)
Department: Front Office
Reports To: CSR
Manager FLSA Status: Non-Exempt



The CSR’s are responsible for maintaining the front office workflow between our clients to our clinical staff at all three (3) of our hospitals.


Although additional duties and related tasks may be assigned, the essential duties and responsibilities of this position include the following:

  • As a Customer Service Representative, you will maintain a professional, cheerful, and helpful attitude when interacting with clients/ staff;
  • Answer incoming telephone calls within two rings, using proper telephone etiquette per our policies, direct all calls to other team members, and prioritize scheduling of appointments, record requests, and prescription refills;
  • Accurately complete the sign in of patient/ client paperwork, reviewing consent forms/ estimates with clients and collect pertinent information; such as signatures, initial and final payments. Ascertain information (species, breed, age, sex, spayed/neutered v intact) is accurate and updated. Insure client phone numbers are listed in order of their preference and obtain an email address of all clients;
  • Check and review all charges in patient records prior to patient discharge;
  • Read all discharge instructions to client and be able to answer or facilitate obtaining an answer to their questions.
  • Scan, digitally file and physically file paperwork;
  • Monitor clinic e-mail inbox. Digitally file and print for ER vet on duty incoming lab results and radiology reviews and forward results to RDVMs;
  • Enter CURES as time allows;
  • Monitor the length of time clients are waiting, and notify techs and/or veterinarian when there is an extended wait;
  • Maintain open communication lines between clients, technicians, and veterinarians;
  • Attempt to placate any distressed clients when necessary and forward complaints to the supervisor/ veterinarian on shift;
  • Maintain clean waiting areas for clients and patients, including but limited too; arranging seating, stocking coffee/ supplies, stocking exam rooms with clinical supplies, TV programming appropriate for clients, and making sure the front reception area is clean and organized;
  • Escorting clients and patients to exam rooms; ensure all dogs are leashed and cats/ smaller pets are contained in crates, use caution and notify technicians/ veterinarians if animals show signs of aggression and accurately triage incoming patients and/or call for triage assistance by a staff member when a critical case is identified, or a patient is need of immediate treatment.
  • May occasionally assist the technician and or Veterinarians with handling of the animals and or restraint.


  •  Medical, Dental and Vision Coverage
  • Life and Long-Term Disability Insurance
  • 401(k) retirement savings plan
  • Vacation and Sick Time
  • Continuing Education allowance